Valentine’s Day Divorce Filings in New York City

If your Valentine’s Day was less than romantic, take heart: 44 couples filed for divorce in New York City this holiday. In fact, Valentine’s Day tends to be the start of “divorce season,” according to one family lawyer. Although divorce can be a sad and difficult process, it’s also a fresh start. Here’s a look into the divorce season phenomenon.

What is divorce season?

We all know that the winter holidays can be difficult even for the happiest couples: from family obligations to work demands, and financial difficulties to unrealistic expectations, they can be an emotional minefield. The theory is that after a tough holiday season, partners are fed up—and by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, they’re ready to end their marriage.

This doesn’t mean that the partners are actually served with divorce papers on the holiday, however. Keeping emotions on an even keel is important during the divorce process, and serving on a romantic holiday is particularly contentious. However, a disappointing holiday may be the final straw for some spouses.

Who’s getting divorced in New York City?

Interestingly, court records for Valentine’s Day 2023 indicate that over half of the filings came from couples in Brooklyn and Manhattan: boroughs known for notoriously small living spaces. That could be coincidence, but 11 of the filings were for contested divorces, indicating there may be issues that only litigation can solve.

What to do if you’re ready for divorce

If this holiday has solidified your desire to get divorced, consider mediation as an option. Mediation guides spouses to divide their assets and custody in whichever way seems fair and equitable to them—and avoids having to go to court for a contested divorce. If your partner is willing to work with you to end the marriage and move on, this can be a cost-effective and fast solution so you can enjoy a fresh start.

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