What are the Responsibilities of a Divorce Mediator?

What are the Responsibilities of a Divorce Mediator?

Mediation is a popular alternative to divorce because it allows divorcing couples to take greater control over their futures and the outcomes of their divorce. But while the couple ultimately makes all the decisions, the mediator still has a very critical role to play in helping them get there.

The mediator is a neutral, third-party specialist who has undergone extensive training to help couples resolve their disputes and reach agreements on the issues of their divorce. The mediator might be a retired judge, a divorce lawyer or simply a licensed specialist in the field.

Here’s a quick overview of the responsibilities of a divorce mediator when they’re assigned to your case:

  • Facilitating all communication between the parties involved to ensure they have enough time to speak without interruption and to get their point across.
  • Finding and suggesting alternatives for solving issues.
  • Providing information and answering questions about the divorce process and the legal system.
  • Asking questions of the spouses to ensure clarity in the issues and to facilitate communication.
  • Asking parties to restate or explain their feelings or the points they make whenever they feel it necessary to do so.
  • Suggesting third party experts the couple can use for additional services whenever necessary for matters of their divorce.
  • Providing insight into how a judge or attorney would view a particular issue.

These are just a few examples of the most prevalent roles a divorce mediator will take on in their work with couples. For more information about the role of a divorce mediator, contact an experienced Long Island attorney at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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