What Causes Delays During Mediation?

Divorce mediation is usually a much faster way to get through the divorce process. According to New York Family, most couples can finish up mediation in six to 12 hours. However, some divorce mediations take longer.

Here are some of the factors that can cause mediation delays:

  • Refusal to compromise:The number one issue that can delay mediation is one or both parties’ refusal to compromise. Mediation is an inherently collaborative process, which requires both spouses to give and take. If you’re unable or unwilling to come to an agreement, it can drag the process out and force litigation later.
  • Complicated assets and finances:Even when you get along well, having complicated assets and finances can contribute to delays. Asset valuation and determining who contributed what to home purchases, family businesses, childcare and more are hot button issues that might be difficult or lengthy to resolve. Some couples require a financial professional to disentangle their assets and help them reach a fair settlement.
  • Disagreements over spousal support:Spousal support can be a sticky situation, especially if one spouse doesn’t appreciate the other’s position. For example, a long-term stay-at-home parent often sacrifices their career and income potential to contribute childcare, housework, household management and more. After years away from the workforce, they may not be able to maintain the same or similar standard of living.
  • Disagreements over child support and custody:Although parents should try to put the best interests of their children first, custody and child support issues can be tough to navigate—especially when spouses plan to share custody, but one requests additional support.
  • Disputes over separate and marital property:Finally, disentangling what counts as separate and martial property (debts as well as assets) can drag out the mediation process. Again, financial professionals may be required to sort out these issues.

If you’re committed to compromise and collaboration, mediation is a good tool—but not everyone can reach an agreement. To learn whether mediation is right for you, contact the helpful Long Island divorce meditators at Solutions Divorce Mediation today.

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