What Do Online Mediation Appointments Look Like?

What Do Online Mediation Appointments Look Like?

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 forced many types of businesses to seek greater flexibility in their operations. For attorneys, this meant a greater reliance on virtual meetings. In the field of divorce law, this also means virtual mediation sessions.

Many mediators continue to offer online mediation appointments, even after many of the COVID-19 restrictions about gatherings have been lifted. These services are beneficial for the greater flexibility and time savings they offer.

What do these sessions look like, exactly? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Private rooms: When you log in you will usually enter an individual room separate from the one that holds your spouse. You will receive a notification when anyone else (such as the mediator or your attorney) enters the room.
  • Negotiations: There are rooms in which all parties can join for back-and-forth negotiations. If the parties would like to discuss an issue privately with the mediator, the mediator can send everyone back to their private individual rooms and go back and forth between them.
  • Chat and document features: There are all the usual virtual meeting features such as chat, document sharing, screen sharing, etc. When you need to analyze documents together or when the mediator needs to provide specific visual instruction, these features come in handy.
  • Agreement: As with any type of mediation, once the parties agree on issues the mediator will assist them in drafting settlement paperwork.

To learn more about what online divorce mediation looks like and the various benefits of going with this option, contact a trusted Long Island divorce lawyer at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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