What is Co-Mediation and Is It An Option for Me?

What is Co-Mediation and Is It An Option for Me?

You’ve likely heard of the process of divorce mediation. In this form of alternative dispute resolution, spouses work together in the presence of a neutral third party to negotiate the issues of their divorce. The mediator will help facilitate positive and helpful communication and navigate the couple around potential roadblocks to solutions.

There is also a process known as co-mediation, in which divorcing spouses have a second mediator present. What is this and when is it beneficial?

About co-mediation

There are plenty of circumstances in which one party in mediation might feel there has been an imbalance in the negotiations. They might even believe the mediator had greater empathy for the other party, which could result in them feeling a bit alienated from the process.

Co-mediation helps mitigate this potential by having another professional present. The purpose is to achieve greater balance and equity throughout the entire mediation process.

Benefits of this process include:

  • Helping the parties to the divorce identifying and then narrowing down the issues over which they currently have a disagreement
  • Additional guidance through the court system, including assistance with preparing enforcements on all divorce issues that will be legally enforceable
  • Potential for greater neutrality and equity in the divorce process
  • Greater variety of skillsets and knowledge bases depending on the mediators chosen

Of course, it is important to note that the addition of a second professional will result in increased costs. Co-mediation is generally not recommended as the first option for that reason unless there are some significant potential barriers to communication that need to be worked around.

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