What to Bring to Mediation

What to Bring to Mediation

Prior to your first mediation session, you will likely receive a list of items from your mediator that you must bring to the session. This will include documents, contact information and other items that will make negotiations and the overall mediation process go much smoother.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the things you’ll need to bring.

  • Important contact information: You should have contact information for any professionals you’re working with as part of the divorce (insurance people, bankers, financial planners or advisors, your attorney) as well as for trusted family members or friends who are helping you out with anything, including watching your children.
  • Court documents: You should bring all the court documents required by the court.
  • Financial statements: Gather as much paperwork as you can from your various financial accounts, including checking and savings accounts, credit card accounts, mortgage or other loan documents, investment accounts and retirement accounts.
  • Information about property: Before negotiations begin, do your best to get an approximate value for your assets, especially high-value assets or assets that are likely to be subject to negotiations during the mediation process. This information is critical to ensuring a fair division of property.
  • Your checkbook: You’ll need to pay for the session somehow. You might do it at the session, or you might make other arrangements with the mediator. Regardless, be ready to pay.

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