What to Do When You Receive Divorce Papers

What to Do When You Receive Divorce Papers

The moment you receive divorce papers can be a gut punch, even if you knew it was coming. It’s important to take immediate action after receiving those papers to protect your rights and secure your future.

Here’s a quick look at some of the steps you should take when you receive divorce papers.

  • Read the papers carefully: Spend some time carefully reading every word of the divorce papers. They will include important information such as the court in which your spouse filed the action, any deadlines by which you need to send a response, information about if they’ve retained an attorney and, if applicable, grounds for divorce.
  • Respond: You will need to submit a response to the divorce petition before the deadline listed in the paperwork.
  • Retain an attorney: Even if you intend to keep your divorce out of court, it’s still a good idea to work with an attorney to get through the process smoothly and ensure your settlement is fair.
  • Protect your assets: If there is any concern about your spouse potentially remoting money from accounts or being irresponsible with your joint assets you should take action to protect your assets. Start a new account and reroute your income to that account. Close joint credit cards and begin establishing financial independence.
  • Talk to your spouse: If you still are able to communicate without a breakdown or argument, consider discussing mediation as an alternative to standard divorce. This will allow both of you to maintain some control over the outcome of your divorce and handle the issues of your divorce in a private, less-adversarial setting.

For more information about the steps to take after you initially receive your divorce papers, contact an experienced Long Island attorney at Solutions Divorce Mediation.

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