What to Include in a Parenting Plan

Parenting plans outline your expectations on how you and your co-parent will raise the children. Your divorce mediator will guide you through creating a parenting plan, but it never hurts to prepare potential topics ahead of time.

Here’s what to include in your parenting plan:

    • Healthcare decisions: Make sure that you and your ex come to an agreement about whether the children should be vaccinated, as well as other major healthcare decisions.
    • Contact method: Decide how you’ll contact your ex about parenting issues, and how the children will be able to contact each parent.
    • Storage for your child’s belongings: Where will your children keep their belongings? Will you have separate computers and separate wardrobes, or will the belongings travel with them?
    • Extended family: Decide how you want to handle extended family visiting on your parenting time. If there are any family members who are unsafe for the children, try to agree on limiting contact.
    • Extracurricular activities: Which parent is responsible for extracurricular activities? How will you share the costs? How will you agree on a reasonable schedule? Activities can be difficult to clear with both parents’ schedules.
    • Technology: If you have strong opinions on how and when your children can use technology, write that into your parenting plan, too. It’s important for parents to agree on limits, so the kids get a consistent experience.
    • Childcare: Finally, discuss childcare decisions with your co-parent. How will you vet care providers? Who has veto power and why? Who pays? Is there anyone the children absolutely should not be left with?

Considering these topics ahead of time and writing them into your parenting plan can help you and your co-parent avoid issues in the future. For more information about parenting plans and divorce mediation, call the trusted Long Island divorce mediators at Solutions Divorce Mediation today.

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