What’s the Point of Mediating a Divorce, Anyway?

While there are certainly divorces that can become expensive, drawn-out and dramatic courtroom affairs, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you can select mediation as an alternative.

But what exactly is the purpose of mediation, and why is it becoming increasingly common among divorcing couples?

An overview

The biggest reason to opt for mediation over other divorce methods is to cut down on the drama and the expense. With mediation, you have much more control over the divorce, and you’re able to keep its issues private. As soon as you step into the courtroom it becomes a more public affair, with more time to resolve the issues and significantly more expenses associated with the process.

It benefits everyone to avoid litigation for a divorce case. Neither party is likely to end up with a favorable result in court, and even if you do, the significantly longer time it takes to complete the case and the massive expenses associated with court and attorney’s fees for drawn-out litigation probably mean it won’t be worth your while.

The mediation format allows you to turn down the temperature on the divorce, hash out some important issues with just the two of you (and your attorneys, if you wish) in the room with you and practice some good conversational and communicational methods that will be of use if you need to continue speaking to each other afterward for purposes of coparenting.

Interested in learning more about what the divorce process entails and how it could benefit you in your situation? We encourage you to contact our team of divorce lawyers at Solutions Divorce Mediation with any questions you have for us. We look forward to guiding you through your mediation.

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