Why Do People Choose Mediation?

Why Do People Choose Mediation?

Divorce can be expensive, especially if you and your spouse have negative feelings toward one another. While you’re entitled to hire lawyers to battle it out in court, that can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition.

If you and your ex simply want to get it over with in the easiest, fastest and least expensive way possible, mediation is a good choice. Here’s why people choose mediation over litigation.

Why litigation isn’t always the answer

There are many divorce myths still floating around. For instance, in most jurisdictions, it doesn’t matter whether infidelity occurred and who was at fault, nor do mothers automatically get full custody of children. While these myths may have once held a grain of truth, divorce law has evolved significantly over the years. For most couples, litigation rarely offers a marked financial or custodial benefit. (Note that if your spouse has already had a lawyer, you’re a victim of domestic violence or you fear your spouse plans to lie or delay, litigation may be your only option.)

How mediation can make divorce easier

Mediation is often a faster solution to finalizing divorce. Spouses meet with a neutral mediator to determine where they can agree on a settlement and where there are issues to work out. Together, with the mediator, they work to find an equitable solution to each issue.

This allows couples the freedom to control their own divorce. If you litigate your divorce, you risk a judge imposing an impersonal solution based on state law. Mediation allows couples to highlight the most important issues and come to a personalized, fair agreement. It’s also less expensive, confidential and faster. Once you’ve come to a settlement, you can file for an uncontested divorce and expedite the final judgment.

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