Why It’s Important to Avoid Divorce Litigation

Why It’s Important to Avoid Divorce Litigation

Divorce attorneys will frequently advise clients to go through mediation or collaborative divorce processes rather than rely on litigation. This is because the divorce litigation process can quickly become drawn-out, expensive and emotionally turbulent.

Whenever a divorce case goes to litigation, you’re putting your timeline at the mercy of the court system, which in the best of cases can be slow and drawn out. The longer your case takes, both due to contested issues and due to the lengthy litigation process, the more you can expect to have to pay in attorney’s fees, and the more likely you are to have an unsatisfactory resolution to your case. The emotional trauma of an extended divorce process can also be significant, especially in a particularly combative case.

Knowing this, here are a few strategies you can employ to avoid litigation with your case.

  • Cooperate: Staying polite, civil and cooperate will go a long way in helping to speed along your case. The more arguments you get into, the more it will bog down the divorce process.
  • Compromise: If you’re unwilling to compromise on any issue, you’re almost certainly going to have to leave your fate in the hands of the courts.
  • Work with professionals: Having professionals like a third-party mediator or an attorney working with you on out-of-court negotiations can help encourage faster resolutions in your case.
  • Listen: It can be difficult, but listen to what your spouse is saying and avoid talking over them or ignoring their needs and emotions. Empathy is important in the divorce process.

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