Why Women File for Divorce More Than Men

For decades, women have filed for divorce at a higher rate than men. What accounts for this difference? While every couple is different, there are some common trends. Here are some reasons women cite as the impetus behind their decision:

  • Changing gender roles: Over the past few decades, gender roles have shifted toward equality both at home and in the workforce. Women are more likely to work outside the home, and as such, they want partners who share the domestic labor as well as financial responsibility.
  • Greater economic power: With shifting gender roles comes greater economic power for women. Because women now commonly work outside the home—rather than depending on a husband to be the breadwinner—they’re better equipped to leave the marriage. If a couple is unable to resolve marital issues, women are now better equipped to leave the marriage and start a new life on their own.
  • Infidelity: Women are more likely to file for divorce due to infidelity than men. Because women now have the economic and legal means to leave their marriages, they’re more likely to want divorce after a major betrayal.
  • Domestic violence: While anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, women are more likely to experience it. Emotional, physical, sexual, verbal and financial abuse have devastating effects, and victims often feel powerless. Divorce may be the only way that a woman can protect herself and her children, rather than “sticking it out” like she may have had to in previous decades.
  • Lack of communication and connection: Finally, women tend to place a higher value on communication and emotional connection than men. When the marriage no longer meets a woman’s emotional needs, divorce can be the way to find a more fulfilling relationship.

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