You Can Collaborate With Your Spouse on Pre-Mediation Prep

You Can Collaborate With Your Spouse on Pre-Mediation Prep

Mediation is an excellent alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce—but only if both parties are actually interested in having active involvement in the process.

You can go into mediation with some momentum already by collaborating on pre-mediation prep.

Work together to get ready for mediation

In most cases, divorce mediation is entirely voluntary. You and your spouse must be willing to negotiate in good faith and maintain a positive environment in sessions if you are to achieve mutually desirable outcomes.

This does not mean that you need to be chummy with each other throughout the process—it’s understandable if there are some hard feelings. However, having conversations about mediation can help lay the groundwork for more effective communication during the actual sessions.

Both of you should go over all the pros and cons of mediation together, determine if it’s the right path for you and then agree mutually to be active participants in the process. Once you’ve reached an agreement to move forward with mediation you can shift the focus to logistics—how you’ll handle the fees, who will take care of certain court filings, what sort of schedule you would like to commit to for mediation sessions and what sort of issues you think you might be able to resolve yourselves without the assistance of a mediator.

You will find that by having these conversations ahead of time, you will build the momentum for more effective communication in mediation and reduce the amount of time it takes for you to resolve the issues of your divorce.

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