Divorce Mediation, a Dignified Way to Dissolve Your Marriage

Getting a divorce is typically associated with emotional trauma, conflict, turmoil and expensive attorneys on both sides who take a win/lose approach to your case. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With divorce mediation, we remove much of the conflict, using a private, collaborative approach to settle divorce issues. We stay out of the courtroom, opting instead to bring both parties together in mediated sessions where you and your spouse decide what’s best for your family.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process through which you and your spouse discuss the full facts of your marriage, your children and all the situations confronting you and work together with the advice and input of a mediator to come to a resolution that is both uniquely personal and advantageous to you. Mediation involves a personal approach where everyone’s opinion is listened to and everyone’s story is told. Your concerns are aired and the details of your agreement can be tailored to obtain a divorce or a separation that fits your lives and the interest of your children.

In mediation, you have control over how your issues should be settled. With the knowledge and assistance of our skilled mediators, you will reach an agreement without the interference of a judge. Your agreement will be specifically designed to take care of your needs and the needs of your children. No one knows you or your children as well as you do. Judges are not in a position to know what’s best for you. Do not give anyone else that power. Keep control over your own life and work together with your spouse towards a divorce agreement that reflects who you are as an individual and a parent.

What divorce mediation is not

Mediation does not involve lawyering. There is no posturing, there are no attorneys, there is only a meeting of the minds within the bounds of the law. You can fashion the agreement you choose, an agreement that fits your lives and  personalities. You can enter into a divorce settlement that is within your financial means and in the best interests of your children.

Why is divorce mediation cheaper than litigation?

Mediation can be successfully performed in one to three meetings, after which your agreement forms the foundation for an uncontested divorce. Mediation is done with one paid professional, the mediator, rather than with two lawyers in litigation. The mediator's hourly rate is typically far less than an attorney's. Furthermore, in mediation, you and your spouse can speak directly to each other in the same room and attempt to reason with each other. In a divorce, you speak only through attorneys who may have an interest in enriching their firms' banks accounts and prolonging litigation. You can control mediation and can listen to each other directly with the guidance and assistance of a mediator.

The typical fees for divorce mediation are as follows:

  • Free brief initial consultation available in most cases
  • 5 per hour for mediation time
  • Typically $1500 for a full and complete agreement, typically 20 to 50 pages, with all issues resolved, prepared by mediators
  • $1,500 for the preparation of an uncontested divorce by a law firm, based on the agreement, which can be done in less than one week
  • County and court filing fees for divorce are approximately $400

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