How Much Does it Cost to Mediate a Divorce in Nassau or Suffolk County?

Learn about our low-cost alternatives to divorce litigation

Mediation can be successfully performed in one to three meetings, after which your agreement forms the foundation for an uncontested divorce. Mediation is done with one paid professional, the mediator, rather than with two lawyers in litigation. The mediator's hourly rate is typically far less than an attorney's. Furthermore, in mediation, you and your spouse can speak directly in the same room and attempt to reason with each other. In divorce litigation, you speak only through attorneys who may have an interest in enriching their firms' banks accounts and prolonging litigation. You can control mediation and can listen to each other directly with the guidance and assistance of a mediator.

Attractive rates for skilled divorce mediation

Our clients use our mediation services to arrive at a separation agreement and to file an uncontested divorce. The typical fees for this mediation are:

  • Free brief initial consultation available in most cases
  • $345 per hour for mediation time
  • Typically $1725 for a full and complete agreement, typically 20 to 50 pages, with all issues resolved, prepared by our mediators
  • $1500 for the preparation of an uncontested divorce by a law firm, based on the agreement, which can be done in less than one week
  • County and court filing fees for divorce are approximately $400

By choosing mediation, you have greater control over how long the process lasts. In turn, this allows you to exercise greater control over your costs. Ultimately, how much you spend depends on how well you and your spouse cooperate, and how complex your marital issues really are. Fortunately, our affiliation with Long Island’s largest and busiest family law firm has given us a wealth of experience with complex and comparatively rare divorce issues. Our mediators are qualified by training and experience to guide your talks past even the toughest impediments.

Take charge of your divorce mediation and enjoy our competitive rates

Take a positive step towards resolving your divorce amicably and cost-effectively. Call Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. for a free initial consultation at 1.631.683.8172 or contact us online. An experienced family law mediator is waiting to discuss the benefits of divorce mediation with you. Evening and weekend appointments are available, 7 days/week.