Mediating Joint Custody on Long Island

Experienced divorce mediators save you time and expense

Disputes over child custody can derail your divorce, adding greatly to your expenses and dragging out proceedings as you wait for court dates, widely spaced out on the crowded judicial calendar. But if you and your spouse are comfortable with a joint custody arrangement, a skilled divorce mediator can help you iron out minor objections, create a manageable parenting time schedule, and memorialize your understanding in a marital settlement agreement. At Solutions Divorce Mediation, our trained family law mediators facilitate agreement on all of your divorce issues, so you can confidently file for an uncontested divorce.

What is joint custody in New York?

New York law recognizes two types of child custody: legal custody, which is the authority to make decisions about the child, and physical custody, which covers the rights and duties related to providing the child with a residence. The court may grant either type of custody to one parent only (sole custody) or to both parents in a shared arrangement (joint). While New York law does not favor one parent over the other for custody purposes, it also does not express a preference for joint custody. Courts are required to make custody decisions based solely on what they consider the best interests of the child.

Joint custody is appropriate in situations where both parents are capable of providing a suitable residence for the child and assuming the duties of a primary caretaker at least on a part-time basis. If you and your spouse are both able to provide a comfortable home for the child and can adapt your work schedules to the child’s needs, joint custody may be the best way to maintain frequent contact and a loving relationship.

New York courts prefer joint custody only when both parents choose the arrangement, and each is a stable, mature individual who is willing to encourage a positive relationship between the child and the other parent. Courts are most likely to order joint custody where the parents have submitted an appropriate parenting plan as part of a settlement agreement. 

Divorce mediation can help you obtain joint custody

Divorce mediation facilitates joint custody by allowing you and your spouse to discuss your parenting goals in a nonconfrontational environment. It helps you focus on your core principles related to your child’s academic life, religious training, health and welfare, and make allowances for differences in parenting style, so that you can reach a compromise. The court decides custody issues based on the best interests of your child; our skilled mediators help you maintain focus on that primary concern.

Let our Long Island divorce mediators resolve your child custody issues

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