Mediating Child Support on Long Island

Cooperative process helps ensure realistic results

In New York, basic child support is rarely an issue worth litigating. The state guidelines produce precise calculations based on the parents’ incomes and the number of children. However, the guidelines don’t take into consideration your child’s special needs, enrichment activities, private school education expenses, or other costs you must address. If you leave such issues up to the court, you’re gambling that a judge with a busy docket relying on limited data can make an accurate decision about your child’s vital interests. There’s a real chance you or your spouse is going to be unhappy with the outcome, which could lead to intense bitterness over time. Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. offers a better alternative: a cooperative process where a neutral mediator with knowledge of the issues guides you to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Resolving issues beyond the statutory guidelines

A knowledgeable mediator can walk you through the calculations for basic child support based on the New York State guidelines. You and your spouse can then assess whether those amounts are adequate to ensure that your children enjoy the same standard of living they had before your divorce. Expenses to factor in can include:

  • Athletic activities
  • College tuition
  • Health insurance
  • Music and/or dance lessons
  • Private school tuition
  • Special needs
  • Summer camp

Our mediators have a great deal of family law experience, so they can advise you on how a judge would be likely to rule on a particular expense. For example, if your children are already enrolled in private school, the court is likely to order that you pay for them to continue there, so they do not suffer an unnecessary disruption to their lives. However, if the children have not started in private school, a judge could rule that your divorce has altered your financial situation enough to justify a change of plan.

The key to a successful mediation of child support is transparency. Both spouses must be open about their finances, or a suspicious spouse may take the case to court and ask a judge to compel discovery of hidden income.

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Child support is a crucial issue for your children’s health and welfare. Solutions Divorce Mediation, Inc. can guide you and your spouse through the financial complexities to a workable solution. To learn more, call 1.631.683.8172 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available, 7 days/week.