Uncontested Divorce Mediation in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Dispute resolution that avoids court hearings and expedites your divorce

Mediation is an important tool to use when working towards an uncontested divorce. Many couples envision the divorce process as a series of fights over issues they’ll never resolve without a court order. But that is usually an emotional reaction clouding reality. Many couples are closer to agreement than they realize, and are capable of achieving an uncontested divorce with the right guidance and advice. 

How to use mediation to settle your divorce out of court

Technically, every divorce that settles out of court prior to hearings is an uncontested divorce. But that doesn’t mean that spouses were in total accord from the outset. An uncontested divorce is often difficult to achieve, especially if you have conflicts over child custody and property distribution.

To achieve an uncontested divorce, preplanning is important. If you already have a legal separation agreement, you’ve got a head start, but most couples will be starting from scratch. To realize all the advantages of mediation, you must understand how it fits into the divorce process. You have many opportunities to mediate:

  • Prior to filing — If you choose, you can undergo divorce mediation before you even file. That way, you’re in total control of the timetable. If you do file, choose no-fault grounds, and begin mediation immediately.
  • After you file, but before your spouse answers — Your spouse has 120 days to file a response. If you use that time fruitfully, you may be able to file your divorce settlement agreement with the answer. At the minimum, your spouse will be able to file a clearer and complete answer after a few mediation sessions.
  • After your spouse answers, but prior to your court date — The petitioning spouse must file a Notice of Issue to get on the court calendar. Depending on the county where you file, you could wait one to three months for a court date. Using that time to mediate remaining issues should prepare you to present a signed marital settlement agreement to the court in time for your hearing date.

The cost of mediation is much lower than trying your issues in court, so availing yourself to mediation during the divorce process can significantly lower your expenses.

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